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Department of Veterans Affairs

Solar Panels on Every Federal Building.

Solar Panels on Every Federal Building. This will save lots of money and can make money by sending extra power to power companies and they would have to pay the government. May allow for charging of electric cars at a fee basis. Vote for this idea show that people care about our environment. Thank you!!



Department of the Treasury

Hold Pension & Payroll for One Day in ACH Interest Bearing Accou

In administering the provisions of law relating to pay, retirement and leave of absence, the federal government is required to ensure employees and retirees receive their paychecks on or before the second Thursday following each pay period. These provisions were enacted many years ago when payroll processes were far less efficient (cashiers, paper checks, mail, etc.).

Now that virtually all federal employees and retirees... more »



Office of Personnel Management

MANDATE annual review for retirement age employees, save 100k+

Save 100k PER employee by mandating an annual review.

Once an employee hits retirement age, it should be mandated that they go through a board review once or twice per year to ensure they are not "padding" their retirement and abusing the system.

We all understand how the retirement system works --- the higher your grade and step when you retire --- the more money you get. However, this creates a situation in which... more »



Department of Commerce

Keep Experience Alive

With the country's baby-boomers ready to retire our workforce considerably, I know the government shall start major hiring campaigns in the near future. In my opinion as a government employee, the job we do is more craftsman-like than other types of jobs and that experience gained over the years at our job is what makes a government employee more efficient with time.
For that reason, I feel we can start a program (if... more »