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Smithsonian Institution

Entry Fee for Smithsonian Museums

Currently, the Smithsonian and other museums report around 30 million visits per year, which includes returning visitors or vistors to multiple sites, staff, etc.; however, access to these museums are free. If we started charging a fee for entry with various options, the government would be bringing in more revenue that would help support the operation of these museums.

For example, there could be an option to purchase... more »



General Services Administration

Notice your cafeteria vendor performance not up to par?

I can only speak for myself, but I have noticed that the onsite cafeteria vendor offerings and staff has declined throughout the year. Granted in my complex, some agencies have scaled back on employees, increased mobile work and alternative work schedules causing the vendor to cutback on costs. Eventually, the vendor will not be able to turn a profit and thus be forced to close their operation all together. My idea... more »


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