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Office of Personnel Management

MANDATE annual review for retirement age employees, save 100k+

Save 100k PER employee by mandating an annual review.

Once an employee hits retirement age, it should be mandated that they go through a board review once or twice per year to ensure they are not "padding" their retirement and abusing the system.

We all understand how the retirement system works --- the higher your grade and step when you retire --- the more money you get. However, this creates a situation in which... more »



Department of Defense

Postpone Regular Military Pensions to be consistent with Nationa

Currently, the National Guard retirement starts at age 60, but active duty can start collecting retirement the day after they retire - even if they are 40 years old. I propse that the age that active duty personal can start to collect returement is moved to age 60. This should be done over several years but potentially will save billions in pension dollars.


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Small Business Administration

Eliminate the 2-Day Retirement Training for Federal Employees

Every couple of years the 2-Day "Training Opportunity" comes around for Retirement-Eligible Employees. The idea is to teach them how to retire in the Federal system. The "training" takes the better part of two workdays. Some people in this agency have been to the "training" several times. People in the private sector don't have 2-day "training" for retirement on company time. Why can't the Federal retirement-eligibles... more »