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Office of Personnel Management

MANDATE annual review for retirement age employees, save 100k+

Save 100k PER employee by mandating an annual review.

Once an employee hits retirement age, it should be mandated that they go through a board review once or twice per year to ensure they are not "padding" their retirement and abusing the system.

We all understand how the retirement system works --- the higher your grade and step when you retire --- the more money you get. However, this creates a situation in which... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

Stop Hiring Retired Govt Officials as Contractors

Stop allowing government officials to retire and then return to the same (or a very similar) position as a contractor. This happens very frequently and results in a huge waste of government funds as the individual draws both retirement and a high salary as a contractor. Retirement from government should be defined as actual retirement, not a mechanism to receive a higher salary for doing the same job.



Legislative Branch

Revise Retirement for Elected Officials

Members of Congress and the Senate should be required to participate in the Social Security System just like the rest of us they are representing. Then maybe they would take better care of it than they are now. They tend to not worry, because it doesn't affect them. People who haven't paid into the system shouldn't be allowed to use it (This doesn't include dependents of those who have.) I am referring to people getting... more »