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Department of Homeland Security

Benchmark Private Industry with Early Retirement Package

Many federal employees are "Retired-in-Place" today. They are simply overhead, putting in the time at work but not contributing to the bottom line. By offering periodic early retirement packages to all federal employees, the "cost" of the early retirement package would be offset by the billions of dollars that would be saved though the ongoing salaries and the Federal government's non retired shared benefits costs.... more »



Department of Education

Remove Soda Machines from Schools

I suggest to make it a condition for federal funding that public schools do not serve or have soda machines available on the school grounds. The USA is facing a obesity epidemic. One of the leading causes is the amount of sugar in Soda. The medical costs are stagering to treat all the people with diseases that are caused by obesity, such as diabetes, heart conditions, and strokes. This would save millions from Gov't... more »



Department of the Treasury

Mitigate Health Insurance Fraud by Requiring Photo on ID Card

Widespread medical insurance fraud negatively impacts the price of medical insurance for both federal employers and employees, and taxpayers in general.

One of the most pervasive forms of fraud is identity fraud; either with or without the permission of the medical plan holder. Very few health care providers ask for photo ID prior to treatment. There are more or less no controls in place to police this, which creates... more »