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Social Security Administration

electronic images

The US government and SSA in particular maintain the largest repository of electronic documents. These documents, for the most part, are stored in a TIFF format. By changing to the PDF format both storage space and bandwidth to transport the images over the network would be reduced. In addition, the PDF format allows for greater use since data within a PDF is searchable. The converse is not true for the TIFFs.



Department of Veterans Affairs

VAMC Software/Applicaton Repository

VAMC needs to implement a software/application repository to speed delivery, eliminate multiple systems and the extensive documentation needed to get waivers approved for VistA interface approvals.

There are 130+ VA facilities not including all of the community based outpatient clinics and VAMC spends millions of technology dollars to enhance work flow. These purchases many times are done in isolation and oblivious to... more »


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