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Government Accountability Office

Orderly Transformation of Government

Every 4 to 8 years a new administration is elected. Each is elected on the basis of unique ideas for how to engage government in service to the public. To transform policy to practice, it becomes necessary to restructure all or part of the federal government--a worthy and necessary effort, but one that repeatedly inflicts high costs in process, time, production, training, and staff morale. When the process lingers, the... more »


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Department of Defense

Stop Constant Reorganization Churning!

In the past 5 years, the office I started at has been called by 5 different names. All this reorganization has to have cost millions governmentwide. I realize that every new general and administration likes to have things their way, but it isn't really worth all that miney, time, rescheduling, movement, confusion and loss of productivity from changing org charts, phone numbers and cubes.

I recommend a policy goes into... more »



Merit Systems Protection Board

Revamp categories for government roles

Revamp categories for government roles to allow for accountability, meaningful collaboration, and intellectual engagement.. Organizational system’s today are mostly configured for soloed operation. Total revamp of the system is urgently needed to allow for objectives focused technical discussions, collaboration on achievement in a complementary fashion, and clear boundaries of responsibilities.