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Department of Labor

OWCP Vocational Rehab

Recently, I saw where the vocational rehab counselor said an employee who was unable to completely grasp was unable to even be a janitor because the individual would not be able to use both hands to hold a mop. I'm sorry, but I believe they could easily manipulate the mop or even work at McDonald's.

While employee's do deserve to get their wages, they must also be willing to be a contributor to society in order to receive... more »


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Executive Office of the President

Homeless Empowerment Centers

With the rise of unemployment and thousands of Americans living on the streets, I think the government could save costs by creating a program very similar to the CCC (Circa 1933-1944) that will use existing housing areas and create large centers whose sole purpose is to give homeless Americans of all ages a place to sleep, eat, learn and work. The centers will provide food, water, housing and medical care to help get... more »