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Department of Veterans Affairs

Modification of recording time and attendance

With all the effort used to track, input and send e-mails from payroll; To remind time keepers and their department leadership of deadlines to either certify/post time for employees; it would seem easier to have a tracking/monitoring system to coordinate the collection of data for employee attendance. We currently have been mandated by the homeland security presidential directive (HSPD-12) to standardize the identity... more »



Department of Defense

Excess Internet (Data) Circuit Capacity

Imagine if you lived with a roommate and he wanted Comcast Xfinity internet. So he paid for it. And you live upstairs and you want Verizon FIOS…and you pay for it. All of us would say “Wow…why do you need two internet connections?? That’s wasteful!” But when you come to the DoD, this problem of multiple internet access circuits happens every day.

US Navy (incl USMC) has $60M in excess terrestrial internet circuit capacity... more »