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Department of Homeland Security

Simplify Officer Evaluation Process

The current Officer Evaluation Process requires thousands of work hours within each respective command to create, draft, edit and submit complex evaluations for officers that offer very little in the way of direct representation of performance or feedback to individuals. Additionally, the process in almost completely performed through hard copy reports that are scanned into a database and stored at personnel headquarters.... more »



Legislative Branch

Reduce daily work hours by 2hrs

Hours of work for all federal employees inclusive of local staff at Embassies around the world should be reduced by 2hrs per day, this will result in significant cost savings; plus several other intangible benefits.

For a quick calculation of the saving:10hrs (2hrs per day x 5 days) per employee multiplied x (#of federal employees+ #of local staff) x average hourly salary/wage per hour.

This not only saves the government... more »