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Department of the Interior

Eliminate overlap: Transparency (ie. Master Task Database)

To reduce overlap in tasks and increase productivity, have every agency/department list their projects by keyword into a master database (i.e. refuge + surveys) to get a true view of where the redundancies lie. There can also be web access that is available to Federal employees and contractors so we can view things like what other research is being conducted simoultaeously and formulate interagency teams and build off... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

Federal projects database

With so many federal agencies working on overlapping projects it is exceptionally difficult to get a complete picture of all of the work going on in a given area. A simple database which all federal offices or employees are asked to populate with a list of ongoing projects, contact information, and related keywords quarterly would be very helpful for determining what work is ongoing in a given area This will be useful... more »



General Services Administration

Centralize USG Procurement & Erase Unintentional Competition

We all know the USG’s Federal agencies, departments, bureaus, contractors etc. spend billions of dollars annually on the procurement of simple goods to run their offices and in-field operations.

These are basic products (paper, pens, power cords, post-its etc.) which any entity - public or private - requires to conduct a successful business. The items are mostly small in per-unit-price, yet when extrapolated to support... more »