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Office of Personnel Management

Create a lump, discretionary fund from EOY budget cuts

True savings will come from the bottom up, however those savings will be irrelevant if Agency managers are forced to make unnecessary purchases at the end of the year on a use or lose budget.

This theory isn’t new, it’s basic economics --- No manager wants to cut their own budget just to risk penalization for being over budget the following year.

Perhaps the most economical way to manage this is to put ALL savings... more »



Department of Agriculture

Eliminate On Hold Music

I thought of this idea when at a conference, during the introductory instructions when they mentioned not putting the phone on hold due to possible music. I’m sure everyone’s had this experience – someone puts the call on hold and music starts playing. This could be considered a nicety if it’s just you, but is problematic during a conference call as those still actively on can no longer hear each other.

I don’t think... more »