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United States Enrichment Corporation Fund

Cancel the subsidy to USEC

Cancel by legislation and adminstative action, all subsidies to USEC. Eliminate the obvious subsidies, and the hidden ones, like sweetheart deals. USEC was supposed to be in the Private sector, not a continual drag on the body politic.


Don't make DOE the "bleeding horse" that keeps getting bled to keep USEC in good shape.



Department of Housing and Urban Development

Senior Project Manager

Currently all HUD subsidized residents pay 30% of their adjusted monthly income for rent. If the percentage were to be increased to at least 31%, the government would save billions. We could save even more if there were incremental increases in what residents would pay over the next five years. For example, after the new laws were passed to change the % to 31, the % could go to 32 the next year, 33 the next, and increase... more »