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Department of Housing and Urban Development

Recycle/Re-Purpose Office Supplies

Each field office and/or HUB office should assign or request a volunteer to oversee the recycling/re-purposing of manilla folders, legal binders, and accordion pocket folders. Many times I have retrieved folders from rubbish cans or "documents to be shredded" bins since they are typically in good shape and require pasting a new label over the old one or by peeling off an old label.

The cost, resources, and energy... more »


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Department of Commerce

Start Government Thrift Stores

So we have the Salvation Army and Goodwill where people make donations of their personal belongings for others to purchase, why not start a government thrift store for items no longer in use by government offices? This is a great way to re-use items that often get thrown out. This would also generate income for the government to help pay off the national deficit. You could take all the DRMO items and turn them into profit... more »