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Department of Defense

Develop an Open Standard Electronic Health Record for DOD and VA

The importance of Open Standard technology is a critical need for improved sharing and exchange of service-member health information and data between the Department of Defense - Health Affairs and the Department of Veterans Administration community of interest (COI) as indicated in Section 1635 of the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA, 2008). A community of interest is a collaborative group of users that must... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Make the VA Self Insured

The VA should provide healthcare to its employees as an employee benefit as a substitute for the commercial health insurance provided as an employee benefit.

The VA aspires to be the provider of the highest quality healthcare available, yet most of the 250,000 employees of the VA must seek their healthcare elsewhere. The costs of providing healthcare at the VA is lower than providing care elsewhere, but the VA pays commercial... more »