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Legislative Branch

Government as a Business: Productivity and Efficiency

Of course, the Government is a composite of several agencies, departments, organizations and councils that operate under various mandates to more or less execute the business of service, legislation, regulation and enforcement.

Part of what makes the Government inefficient, and so costly, is its size. As before Government is not unified and the goals of the parts are not the goal of the whole.

Simply, the idea is... more »



Department of Energy

Use Ideascale for the NEPA Scoping Process

“Scoping” a proposed federal action in NEPA consists of notifying the impacted community and soliciting their input on which resource areas (i.e water resources, air quality, etc.) the agency should focus their analysis on. Generally this is done by sending out emails/postcards/letters to a pre-determined distribution list and asking for their direct responses. The process as it exists detracts from the idea of a community;... more »