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Department of Homeland Security

Reinvest in your own budget

The current process to excess property is extremely time consuming and burdensome on property officers. For property under $10,000 federal offices do not receive any return on investment by disposing of property through GSAXcess. The items that are no longer useful or phased out tend to be pushed to the out of site out of mind corner.

Agencies could receive a monetary return on their time and energy to excess property... more »



Department of the Treasury

Federal Employee Equipment (Disabilities)

When Federal employee's with disabilities retire, they leave behind some Government furnished equipment and software. Many times it is not re-usable or cost to much to refurbish. The Government is then left with disposal cost of hardware. My recommendation is to have executive order allowing Agencies to transfer ownership of the equipment that is not reusable, is wanted by those individuals, and would otherwise leave... more »