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Department of Commerce

Eliminate GSA Schedules and Reform Government Procurement

Currently the GSA Schedules is a joke at best and a total waste at worst in terms of price discount for the goods and services purchased by the federal, state, and local governments.

Most of the pricing on the GSA Schedules are only 10-30% off the vendors’ list prices. The U.S. federal government agencies have consistently failed to realize any cost savings in its procurement practice based on the useless GSA Schedules.... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Establish Database of Product Reviews

The US Government purchases many billions of dollars of goods and services each year. Contract evaluations do include "past performance" but that's usually just a few references provided by the bidder. Agencies generally do not have any reliable or systematic way of knowing how happy or unhappy others within their own Department have been with the same product or company, and they certainly have no way to access that... more »


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