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Social Security Administration

Cutting benefits to cut applications

If the benefits weren't so good with social security, as many people wouldn't apply. There should be a cut off point where afterward, if you haven't demonstrated a serious disability again and you haven't demonstrated you have tried to work, you can't continue recieving benefits. Focus should be in motivating people to work instead of taking an easy way out. This would lead to a drop in applications, a drop in processing... more »


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Department of Veterans Affairs

Healthcare Database for VA Claims

Set up a national healthcare database that healthcare providers can tie into a national system. Similar to what law enforcement has (NCIS).

Each body system is coded the same so that each treatment is documented and tracked for life. If child has treatment at age 6, that info is documented in national database. At 16, more entries. At 26, while on active duty, again another entry. At 36, vet goes to VA Medical... more »