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Department of Homeland Security

Expand Use of Working Dogs at TSA Airport Checkpoints

Currently few if any TSA airport sites use working dogs. Instead of spending millions on technology that cannot find everything, start placing trained bomb sniffing dogs at all airports. At the same time train TSA personnel to watch for signs of people reacting nervously to the dogs. These individuals, and any the dogs alert on, could then be rapidly pulled aside for enhanced security inspections. Utilization of properly... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

Mandatory Electronic Travel Records for all Government Travel

Eliminate billions of paper files by making it mandatory for all government agency workers using the “GovTrip” travel program to upload all documents as PDFs onto the server, thereby creating a single source for all government travel documents.

PROBLEM: Our administrative personnel require us to hand-deliver manila files with printed out documents for ALL travel. This requires preparers to print out all electronic files,... more »



Legislative Branch

Fundamental Paradigm Change for Process Improvement

Ten years in two agencies show a pattern: no fundamental process improvements, no refinement of mission and execution, and no effective feedback mechanism.

My idea is simple: allow employees to post to a centralized repository (like Ideascale, the SAVE Award vendor) but with a wiki-like ability to edit certain promising contributions. The objectives would be to identify "holes" in processes, inefficiencies and obsolescent... more »