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Department of Veterans Affairs

Return And Reuse Empty Veterans' Prescription Bottles

Every month when mailing out veterans' medication refills or new prescriptions, a postage paid return envelope can be included in the package, and when the prescription is used, the veteran can return the empty bottle to VA. Even if only ten percent of the veterans actually return the bottles, it will save funds on the cost of purchasing the bottles, contribute to the environment by reducing the number of pill bottles... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

1) Eliminate the need for prescription medicines to treat common

Significant numbers of visits to Doctors’ offices are triggered by the need to obtain prescriptions for routinely needed medicines for common or chronic conditions, which administration are available as a common or self knowledge.
Such legislation will eliminate making unnecessary visits to Doctors (and thus reduce cost of health care), encourage personal responsibilities and availability of self-care, and focus Doctors... more »