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Legislative Branch

Contract Reporting Requirements

Every month, contractors close out their books and submit reports to the government. In our office, we have ten days to review the reports and develop briefings for management.

This cycle requires resourcing at peak levels rather than optimum loading levels. If brief-outs were staggered, a single analyst might be able to handle more programs. As it is now, there are extreme peaks and lulls for very high-level GS employees.... more »



Department of Defense

Conserve ink in PowerPoint printing

Employ a "printer-friendly" method for printing (Powerpoint) slides that minimizes the use of ink. The vivid colors that make a great on-screen presentation sap the resources of our ink cartridges and aren't necessary for hard copies of briefings. Similar to spell-check in Word, a simple feature could prompt for correction of ink-sapping features so the user could adjust the slide design for ink-conserving printing... more »