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Department of Defense

Stop furnishing certain individuals with goverment vechicles

Everyday / in the mornings coming to work, I see certain individuals driving goverment vechicles from home. I see them at lunchtime, I see them driving to the stores with their kids. I see them with car seats, I see them with beads and things hanging from their mirrors. This provision that is being provided as "part of my job", let them use their own POV's , their own gas, pay that car payment, insurance, and SAVE my... more »



Department of Transportation

Fewer Government Vehicles

We have a large pool of government vehicles to choose from, but for most of the year they just sit in the parking lot and only a few are checked out on a daily basis. Rather than having enough vehicles to cover heavy volume days, why not just have enough for the average day. It seems like it would be much cheaper to occasionally pay an employee mileage for driving their POV rather than buying and maintaining government... more »



Department of the Interior

Government Vehicles

Pay employees the standard rate for mileage instead of issuing them vehicles that they rarely use.

I was given a 2010 Hybrid Ford Fusion in Feb. 2010. Since that time my staff and I have driven about 1,900 miles. The sticker price of this car was about 30K.

I have suggested to several members of senior management that we do not need this car and it makes more sense to pay us to use our personal vehicles.

I was told... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Travel Savings

I create travel authorities for all emplyees at this VHA. I suggest 2 things - 1. Any business locaiton within a reasonable driving period (up to 8 hours) shiould be mandated to travel via POV/GOV - not flying. This would save a tremendous amount of money in govt airfare spending. 2. Stop asking us to use Fed Traveler to book hotel rooms. The fees we would save by letting travelers call or book through online websites... more »



Department of Homeland Security


I was a GS-5 when I was commuting to and from work an hour and a half one way. I understand that i took my job and that I knew that I would be living that far from work. I am a single mom of two and I wasnt going to pick my kids up and move them from where they grew up right away. What my point is, is that GS-12s and higher get take home vehicles...why? They only live 20 min away 90% of them. If I could afford $450 in... more »



Department of Agriculture

Excess Government Vehicles, USDA, ARS

The USDA, Agriculture Research Service maintains a large fleet of vehicles which average less then 1,500 miles a year each. Recommend each ARS location that maintains more then 6 vehicles be required to consolidate their vehicle inventory so as to ensure vehicle usage averages at least 12,000 miles a year. Purchasing and having vehicles sit idle is a waste of limited government money. Vehicles that site idle also... more »