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Department of Labor

Eliminate Obsolete Travel Contractor

Carlson Wagonlit/Sato Travel is a government contractor to forty-eight (48) federal agencies and every branch of the military. Last year, they did $2.3 billion in travel sales to federal agencies.
Transactions for travel, especially airfare, with Carlson Wagonlit, can cost two to three times what the individual can book online. Worse, the company's website is tedious and frustrating to use. And, if there is an error,... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Reduce Travel Costs

The government wastes a ton of money by restricting how travel is arranged. I had to fly from Anchorage to Miami a couple years ago and using the government mandated travel company (SATO) the ticket cost a little over $2,000 - plus a $37 booking fee. For the sake of comparison, I went to Orbitz and found the exact same flights for about $700. A co-worker recently needed to book a car for her travel and was told the... more »



General Services Administration

Reinstate Gain-Sharing Travel Program

In 2005 I took advantage of the "Gain Sharing Travel Program" which offers incentives to travelers when they help reduce Government Travel Expenses.

The traveler has the option to choose lodging at an approved facility at a lower rate, or if the option is available, obtain accommodations with family or friends.

For lodging at an approved facility in Philadelphia, based on a formula which offered an incentive for... more »



Department of Commerce

Reduce Travel Expenses

Allow Government employees to fly at the reduced airline ticket rates, (Economy non-refundable).

I had the Governement travel office (AdTRAV) purchase my travel ticket, as required by my agency. I purchased my wife's ticket, who was going to travel with me. I paid less than half, for my wife's ticket, compared to what the Government paid for my ticket. OK, my ticket was Economy, refundable, my wife's ticket was Economy,... more »



Nuclear Regulatory Commission

System for Reporting Excess Travel Costs - The Start of Saving

Time and Time again, Federal Employees on official travel are charged more for flights, hotels, etc. than the average customer. There are several reason why this is the case...from the inability to use conventional travel sites(such as Kayak, expedia, etc) to the the fact that for some reason the fed just pays more. I think that there should be a government-wide system (preferably online/electronic) created for fed employees... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

wasted money on travel

A freind of mine was going to Virginia for training the V.A. paid $1300.00 for their ticket. I bought tickets on the same flight for 250.00. There were about 15 other employees from our V.A. that made the same trip. If you consider all of the traning or seminars that the different agencys may attend. I'm sure the amount of money that is wasted on travel is huge. It only takes a little time to find cheap flights online.... more »