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Legislative Branch

Require Fed LEO's to be Physcally Fit

Congress should craft a regulation requiring Federal law enforcement officers who are paid to protect the public be physically fit enough to hold that position. LEOs are paid for the 0.01% of their time when it is necessary to fight a criminal or chase a fleeing felon (a.k.a. protecting the public). If they can't physically perform during that 0.01% of the time, they shouldn't be paid.
Out-of-shape LEOs are more prone... more »



Department of Defense

Get on your feet!

According to a study in the journal 'Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,' those who sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to die of heart attacks than those who do not. The government can save on health care costs and promote a healthier workforce by providing height adjustable desks and more information on the health risks of sitting throughout the day. Over the long term, the benefits of a healthier workforce... more »