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Department of Defense

Stop the repetitive "do-overs" for Personnel actions

The president announced that the hiring time for federal employees needed to be reduced - so Air Force Personnel Center now maintains metrics stating that they have no RPA's for hiring open more than 50 days... Unfortunately, they are skewing the metrics to meet the Presidential mandate but not actually accomplishing the hiring within the 80-90 day limit set by the President.
What is actually happening is that a supervisor... more »



Office of Personnel Management

STOP Documenting Documents

There is no need to print out paper receipts of electronic file transfers. This is common practice in most mail rooms, HR and filerooms. Everytime a piece of mail, file, personnel record or anytype of electronic file is moved or updated, a paper receipt (or some variation) is printed for either the supervisor's or empoyees record.

It is important to document the transaction --- however, this can just as easily be backed... more »



Department of State

Allow anyone with a postgraduate education to apply for a PMF

As is customary in the United Kingdom and several other advanced countries, the United States should provide fast-track on-ramps to the civil service-- including the Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) program-- for highly educated candidates at ANY point in their careers. For instance, if a candidate starts a company or a non-profit instead of joining the civil service straight out of graduate school, he or she... more »


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