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Department of Veterans Affairs

Contract printers

Contracted Balck and White printers cost about 1.5 cents per page where laser costs 7 center per page. Inkjet costs about 20 cents per page. Contracting Xerox or like machines could save millions in operating overhead

All contract maintenace agreements for not only repair of equipment but includes toner as well. The new machines are extremly sophisticated and can do myriad functions saving end users time and effort as... more »



Executive Office of the President

Network Printers

As much as it's convenient to have a prointer on ones' desk, it is costly and resource taxing. If all printers were network printers (replacing desktop printers), then taxpayers would not have to spend inordinate amounts of money on purchase of a wide variety of printing supplies (cartridges namely). If all network printers were standard (within a range based on needs) then IT staff would be less taxed to maintain.... more »