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Department of Agriculture

cell phone expenses

Virtually every person has a private cell phone and many models meet agency security parameters. My recommendation is to have the agency pay the employee $25/month for unlimited work use of a personal cell phone rather than the agency spending $50-$80/month on a separate work cell phone. This benefits the gov't by saving half the cost of the cell plan and benefits the employee by offsetting the cost of their personal... more »



Department of Homeland Security

If You See Something/Text Something

I had an idea that we should have a easy way for the public, young and old, to participate and utilize their ears and eyes and cell phones in the battle of terrorism, TEXTING. When a passenger sees an abandoned bag or something untoward in the terminals or restrooms or someone acting strange, they could text their concern.

I suggest a local number, publicly displayed in each terminal, that would be the number to text... more »



Legislative Branch

Cell Phone

I work in a position in which I take call for the hospital. The government could save cost by allowing empolyees to only carry their personal cell phone as a way of contact, instead of paying for pager contracts that at most times are not used, because most of us give our personal cellphone numbers to the dispatch personnel for the call number instead of the pagers that will not beep when in many of our homes or around... more »



National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Cell phone/Smartpone Turn-in Program

Background assumption:
1) Most government employees have their own cell phone/smartphones and associated data packages for their personal use.
2) From my research the government pays over $100 per month per Iphone.

Idea synopsis:
1) Perform a government wide survey to provide a preliminary assessment of the annual savings if the government offered a small monthly stipend to move current government cell phone/smartphone... more »