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Social Security Administration

Eliminate BA position at the payment centers

The Benefit Authorizer (BA) is a data entry position that is left over from a by-gone era. The process goes like this: A Claims Authorizer (CA) develops and approves a benefit award then the BA enters it to the computer system. This explanation is over simplified but the point is there isn't anything a BA does that a CA couldn't do for themselves.
My proposal is to retrain a portion of BAs (say 50%) as CAs and make... more »



National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Prepared for new employees to work when they report for duty

I propose that government agencies be prepared to have their employees begin work as soon as they arrive on site, as I believe that the number of people that agree to work for the government and actually show is up far greater than those who renege on their promise. Few people would complete the amount of paperwork required prior to reporting for duty if they weren’t serious about coming. If the work orders for access... more »


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