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Department of Energy

change payment clauses in contracts 4 partial payment in coins.

The US has a lot of dollar coins in storage. Moslty at Federal Reserve Banks and Leased Space. Change the payment section of the contracts to allow payment in Coins. This would require either an address where the coins will be delivered or and andress where the coins can be picked up by the contrator.

By using these coins, which have been minted allready, the government would not have to borrow that money,

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Department of Veterans Affairs

Lets all be “Jolly Green Giants”! Save: $$$, time, & our environ

If u don't have time to read my's good lol NO MORE SENDING LETTERS!

This idea can be spanned into many departments. Just speaking for the edu dept, we send out more letters than anyone could count e.g. 1 case: Development ltrs when we need more info from the claimant, Certificate of eligibility, award ltrs for enrollments, many correction ltrs from amendments from school hour reductions or inc, withdraws,... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Stop SSI benefits to convicted smugglers

Seems simple. Stop giving SSI checks to convicted smugglers.
Unfortunately, it is not that simple. We apprehended and convicted an alien smuggler and also encountered his SSI check stubs as well as a recent receipt for $2,000+ wheels and tires for his car. We contacted SSI to cancel the SSI checks. They advised that if we provided proof that the subject was incarcerated, they would stop the SSI payments during his... more »