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Department of Homeland Security

Restrict the Freedom of a Government Purchase Card

Many Coast Guard members are required to obtain a Government Purchase Card. Following the proper Source of Supply is essential to obtaining supplies and services as well as receiving the proper cost for each item or service.

Here is where we fall short. Too many purchases are being made to big and small companies resulting in waste of funds.

The government needs a centralized supply command where everything can be... more »



Legislative Branch

Eliminate the Government Purchase Card Program

Their is no need to have a Government Purchase Card. The only reason that we do have the Purchase Cards is out of convienance.

The purchase card can easily be abused and justified. It is not advantageous to have because every purchase can be done through a Purchase Order; thus, eliminating the need to allow members to openly use.

A centralized supply command should be set in place that will allow requestors to order... more »