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Department of Defense

Buy components not the whole module

Inside the Individual First Aide Kit (IFAK), is several modules with one being the "minor module". The minor module consists of about 12 component parts and 3-4 are shelf life controlled. Instead of replacing the whole minor module at a cost of $19.23 as is the current practice, why not just replace the expired shelf life components inside of it. At our installation alone, all 841 IFAK are unserviceable due to shelf... more »



National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Grade reduction

To save money, the government, and our jobs, have all the civilians in the US government take a permanent, full reduction in Grade. If you are GS-12, you would become GS-11.
Congress, President, Judges, etc. would take a similar pay cut.
Our soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and coast guard would be exempt. Their pay for what they are willing to sacrifice is already upside down.
Like a home budget, making a cut in... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

Electronic Workflow - Yes, This Includes You Accounting!

Given both the volume of transactions and logistical challenges inherent in the movement of paper forms through the Government, the Government should implement Electronic Workflow. Electronic Workflow will allow users to request business transactions and have them routed for review and approval based on the agency's policies and procedures.
The system can be configured to determine the approval path based on attributes... more »



Social Security Administration

ODAR - Vocational Expert CD's

In Social Security disability hearings, vocational experts are called upon to render expert testimony. In order to prepare for the hearings, the vocational experts must review the case files. Therefore, a senior case technician must burn the files onto CD’s, and the vocational experts must come into the ODAR office to review them. Once the CD’s have been reviewed, they are put into the shred box to be destroyed. So... more »