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Environmental Protection Agency

Online reporting, not hard copy, for new regs

I work at the EPA, and some of our new regulations, such as the air regulation called NESHAP Subpart HHHHHH, affect thousands of small businesses like auto body shops. Those regulations require businesses to send in standard forms such as Initial Notification letters. Right now, we have them send these in on paper, which results in a flood of snail mail letters. It's very time consuming for us to open all that mail,... more »



Nuclear Regulatory Commission

System for Reporting Excess Travel Costs - The Start of Saving

Time and Time again, Federal Employees on official travel are charged more for flights, hotels, etc. than the average customer. There are several reason why this is the case...from the inability to use conventional travel sites(such as Kayak, expedia, etc) to the the fact that for some reason the fed just pays more. I think that there should be a government-wide system (preferably online/electronic) created for fed employees... more »



Department of Labor

Have mine operators submit reports online only.

This capability already exists, the web site is up and running, and a small percentage of mine operators already do this.

However, by mandating the use of e-filing, approximately 10,000 pieces of mail would NOT need to be manually opened, scanned, and entered into the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) systems EACH MONTH. The saving in man-hours alone would be tremendous.

Currently, mine operators are required... more »