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Office of Personnel Management

Nix orientation printouts for new hires & use online orientation

Nix all of the printouts given to new employees --- healthcare, TSP, Life Insurance etc. Not only are ALL of those forms online, but also, the online version is more up to date and easier to fill out.

The standard should be set for new employees to receive a welcome email with links to all of the information they need to know and fill out --- as opposed to a stack of welcome folders that sits in the back of their desk... more »



Department of the Treasury

Document retires knowledge of the Computer System for New hires.

We know there has been lots of people’s retiring from all departments. Since I joined IRS late September 2010, I have seen over 6 people retire in my Branch only, out of 60 people and only 1 or 2 people were hired/transferred in. There are still people on my Branch which will be retiring soon.

The knowledge gained by the retired or about to retire (worked for 20 to 35 years) is valuable (should be documented) and will... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

Decrease time it takes new hires to get fully operational

I've personally witness it taking several weeks to get a new hire fully operational and onboard. This means, it can be days (or weeks) for a new hire to get computer access, e-mail access, BlackBerry services, security badge. I'm not saying loosen up on security, I'm saying make this process more efficient. So much time is wasted trying to jump through hoops that productive time is wasted. All of these things can and... more »