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Department of Transportation

Empower & Enable Employees to Use Common Sense

Everything we do in the government has a system. More often than not, these systems are inefficient, costly, and lack common sense. This does not mean government workers have no common sense, but more likely, they have to operate within a system that denies them the use of common sense.

An example: My office has no light-switch. We can't turn off the lights when we leave, and I have 6 double-tube fluorescent lights... more »


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Department of State

Culture Change via Incintive

There are thousands of processes in our society that could be made more energy efficient. In this forum, people bring up ideas that concentrate in one area or another...waste, water, electicity, automobiles, ect...The ability to conserve is out there all around us, but the vast majority of people do not participate to the least extent. Why? Are they unaware? Or unmotivated? I think our leadership, local and national,... more »