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Department of Defense

Hire Civilians to Work for the National Guard

In 1996, Congress passed a law requiring employees who provide the day-to-day administrative support for the National Guard to be members of the National Guard (Dual Status Technicians) rather than civilians (Non-Dual Status Technicians). Although on the surface this seems to make sense, in practice it is unnecessary, inefficient, and costly.

For jobs that require specialized skills, it is often difficult to find someone... more »


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Department of Homeland Security

National Guard with Border Patrol

Eliminate the use of the National Guard in San Diego. The National Guard uses at LEAST two soldiers to man each scope truck that a SINGLE Border Patrol Agent would need for the same job. We have sixty National Guardsmen at our station alone, and thousands nationwide. Each soldier makes their normal salary, $71 a day per diem, and they each have an apartment paid for. At the end of the day, they make more money than... more »