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EXOP - Office of National Drug Control Policy

Legalize, and Salary Cap at Minimum Wage, the Sale of Narcotics

The “War on Drugs”, has done nothing except increase the violent tendencies and the salary, of drug dealers. Legalize, and force into the not for profit sector, the sale of all narcotics, and psychiatric medications. Place a cap on the wages earned by people who make narcotics and psychiatric drugs, of minimum wage, up to 60 hours a week. Drug farmers and lab techs that want to turn our children into drug addicts... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Rapid Drug screening: SAVING TIME, SAVING MONEY

Many veterans NEED pain management. Others say they need the med and but selling the prescription for profit. Many also use illegal drugs as well. RAPID DRUG SCREENING would detect illegal drug use and also show if compliance with medications used for pain management, mental health, and ect.
Stopping the writing of unnecessary prescriptions will help fight the war on drugs, increase compliance and also decrease emergency... more »


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Department of Health and Human Services

Help Americans Get off Pain Killers and Get to Work

Thousands of Americans, and especially Native Americans, are addicted to narcotics. Many of them have chronic pain issues, many have addiction issues. It is far less expensive to give them rehabilitative Physical Therapy treatment and get them to work than it is to support their narcotic addiction and put them on disability. We need to expand the use of physical therapy/rehabilitation to ensure people have alternate means... more »