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Congessional Budget Office

Stop allowing Budgetary Continuing Resolutions (or do a study)

Continuing Resolutions cause contractors to be layed off when contracts cannot be renewed. This has a significant negative impact on our economy, impacts the moral of the American people and hurts individuals directly and indirectly.

1) The uncertainty of a pending shutdown causes governement personnel to spend time and resources preparing for the shutdown. Whether it comes or not the time is spent and resources are... more »



Small Business Administration

SAVE Moral

fMoral is at an all time low in 2011. With the threat of cutbacks and potential layoffs, it is no wonder that the federal employee is wondering what the next step will be. At this point, Management (including) president needs to stop blaming the staff for the financial crisis, but to plan the mismanagement of the budget for each Agency.

The Buck should stop there and to drag the hardworking civil servants is not fair... more »


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