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Department of Defense

Eliminate DOD Decals for ALL Branches

Currently, the Air Force has eliminated the requirement for use of DOD decals on vehicles entering their bases. ALL branches should follow suit since 100% I.D. checks have been in place since 9/11 and will remain in place indefinitely. The decals provide no additional security and actually only allow potential terrorists to target DOD personnel. The elimination of decals for all branches will provide a significant cost... more »



Legislative Branch

An Idea From the Enlisted Perspective

President Obama,

Hello Sir. I read that the government is going to begin asking its employees to shut down their computers whenever they will be out of use after their work day is over. This is a great idea, except in the Air Force there are weekly security updates that shoot through their networks. If our computers are off, they won't get the needed security updates that we require in this day and age of hacking. I... more »



Department of Energy

Stop importing middle east oil

We have a massive military presence in the gulf to secure our national energy interests, yet we only import only 18% of our oil from there. If we recalled all forces, would the simple savings translate into the same amount of $$ the govt would subsidize at the pumps to keep the same cost per gallon? The DOD spends $20B/yr in air conditioning in the CENTCOM AOR alone. WIth those numbers, has anyone looked if the cost... more »