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Office of Personnel Management

Microfilm versus Paper for Database Backup

Every newspaper in the world uses microfilm as its primary backup --- and you can go to any newspaper and request a copy of a printing from 100 years ago.

The biggest concern about Databases is that they can crash. However, paper takes up huge store rooms, time and resources to create, and as far as organization is hard to keep track of (without an electronic database that is). Even if an agency possesses a hardcopy... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

digitize microfilm and microfiche

Currently we have to routinely refer to the microfiche and microfilm records. Our microfilm has 270 pages of records per slide. A machine to photo these is relatively inexpensive. By taking snapshots of whole pages, a specialist could easily navigate through the years and records and save a ton of time.
Setting up the file structure would be easy, as the labels would match the years and organized structure already... more »