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Department of Health and Human Services

Save 46,172 man hours and $107,00 dollars of paper

In 2010, The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - Florida District completed approximately 929 Domestic Inspections. The copying and distribution of these reports and exhibits were completed by technicians and required approximately 3716 man hours, 1,114,800 ($7300.00) pieces of paper , 550 toner cartages, use of limited filing space, and UPS shipping charges based on weight. Instead, these reports and exhibits could... more »



Office of Personnel Management

Electronic Tracking of Hardcopy Files at the "hands on" level

Electronic file tracking needs to go beyond the "production" level. I.e. its great that the supervisors and managers can check a database to see where a file is in order to make production reports --- however, this does not help the employees who physically touch the file.

This creates serious blind spots in security, accountability and also pay roll. In the event that a file is "lost," not only is there a security issue... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Citizenship and Immigration Process / Travel

There are two major issues I believe can save the government not only money, but on the amount of security violations.

1. The current process of processing citizenship applications within United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is archaic. The current process requires hard-copies of applications, personal information and other information to be physically mailed out and stored for applicants. This... more »


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