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Department of Defense

Max 1 term for Congress

Our Congress should act for our best interests in the long-term. Because they are worried about being re-elected (short-term thinking), I feel they are distracted/conflicted in setting the best policies for the future of our country. I suggest we take this distraction/conflict away by allowing only one term to be served. We can extend the length of the one term (perhaps 5 years) to add more continuity, but this would... more »



Department of Labor

Training for long term unemployed or chronically unemployed

What do you do when you are unemployed? Wait around to get hired. Let us get these people out and shake off the dust. People need basic skills training and retraining. Think of it as group therapy on a massive scale. Get people to run office machines, teach how to be a fry cook. Show people how to stock shelves.

There are plenty of jobs out for which the unemployed are over quailified. Entry level, low wage jobs.... more »



Department of the Treasury

Borrow at Lower Interest Rates & Save $280 Billion per Year

The government borrows by selling mostly long-term bonds with an interest rate of around 4% to 5%. The government should borrow by selling more short-term bonds with an interest rate of 0.25% to 2%. Paying 2% instead of 4% on a $14 trillion debt would save $280 billion per year.



Department of Homeland Security

Depleted Uranium as Fuel

I have heard of a reactor that uses depleted uranium as a fuel source. It's called a Traveling wave reactor. This would be a good way to get rid of all that DU we have lying around. The down side is that the tech is currently still being researched according to the few pubs I took a look at. As such it is a long tem project which would be a good idea to start now (yes I DO know that we have a buget crises)
or at least... more »