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Department of Veterans Affairs

Internal Consulting at Federal Agencies

The Federal Government could save billions of dollars by moving certain consulting services in-house as opposed to outsourcing. The Federal Government is heavily reliant on the services provided by various beltway consultancies; however these services are often expensive, minimally effective, and resultant in little added value to the Agency. It is unrealistic to think the Government can perform all functions internally;... more »



Department of Education

Stop purchasing new tools for internal collaboration and use MAX

The MAX Federal Community is a nuanced, robustly supported Atlassian Confluence wiki that 47,000+ Executive Branch Feds are on right now. Among other things, it supports the Budget Formulation & Execution Line of Business, but it can be used for any governmental purpose. Spaces can be easily configured to be agency-only or interagency; open or restricted, and they can be customized to meet the needs of the group. It... more »



Department of Defense

Incentivize TDY savings and encourage cultural learning

Current department of defense policy pays very high per diem rates for travel, particularly overseas. This proposal would incentivize staying below per-diem, often at culturally immersed local market facilities, by returning a portion of the money saved by staying below the per-diem cap back to the traveler. For example, if the lodging per-diem rate in Berlin is $300, but I find a German Gasthaus for $100, I would get... more »


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Legislative Branch

Paperless Government - eLearning

The Government is in a movement in which we want to save paper, some call it a "Paperless Government".

While we're working hard to "Go Green", we seem to be lacking on one department.


Education in the federal workforce uses tens of thousands sheets of paper each day. The expense tot he people, and more importantly to the Veterans is astronomical. I have personally used an entire box of paper for one training... more »