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Legislative Branch

Energy savings-Laptop instead of desktop computers

Replace desktop computers with laptop computers.
These can be locked ont othe office desks for safety and removed by those who are permitted to use them away from the desk.
According to Natural Resources Defense Council,
"conventional desktop computer with a conventional cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor uses more than five times as much energy as a laptop (570 kWh/yr vs. 100 kWh/yr ).
Therefore, replacing a desktop system... more »


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Department of Homeland Security

Savings on unclassified cell phone/laptop/desktop expenses

I propose that the Gov't either gets completely out of the unclas cell phone/laptop/desktop business; or they get completely into the business.

This may sound contradictory, but please read on.

Conservatively, 95% of government employees have a personal cell phone and a personal laptop and/or desktop computer. Similarly, this same population has a monthly bill for cell phone and internet service.

Many U.S. gov't... more »