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Department of Energy

change payment clauses in contracts 4 partial payment in coins.

The US has a lot of dollar coins in storage. Moslty at Federal Reserve Banks and Leased Space. Change the payment section of the contracts to allow payment in Coins. This would require either an address where the coins will be delivered or and andress where the coins can be picked up by the contrator.

By using these coins, which have been minted allready, the government would not have to borrow that money,

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Department of Homeland Security

Audit landline phone invoices

Working in my office I had to pay telecom invoices for field offices. One thing I noticed is we would receive huge invoices for one phone line. Once we had a 50k invoice for 2 months of service when it should have been a total of $9.99 based on invoices from the same vendor for other offices. What happened was the field off set the lineup , which is done way more often that it should, so they did not know what had to... more »