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Department of Commerce

Save 1,000,000 Patent Examining Hours Per Year

I'm a 27 year old US patent examiner. I joined the US Patent Office last year. Since then, not only have I realized the gravity of what goes on where I work, but I've realized that because of this, beneficial changes here can mean beneficial changes across our nation. Ironically, the USPTO is not even a choice in the dropdown for this submission.

The USPTO is the brain that operates the body of American innovation.... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Find a better, faster & cheaper way to do it.

The way you think needs to change, because "we have done it that way for 20 yrs" way of thinking has created an embarrassing Bureaucracy that can no longer get the job done. Embracing change & innovation will result with the decay of a bureaucracy that keeps this agency in the mid 20th century. If a process does not work it should be changed. If an employee can't change the way they do things they need to go, regardless... more »


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