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Social Security Administration

Inter-agency information sharing

While working on claims within the Social Security Administration, we very often have to verify a claimant's income from other sources. Many times, this income comes from another government entity such as the VA, EDD, OPM pension, HHSA, Dept of Child Support, etc. We spend time and resources requesting information on the benefits from the claimant, and if the claimant is unable to obtain the information we spend more... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Intra /Interagency Information Sharing & Collaboration

Across the federal government, employees must often rely on contacts in other offices or agencies, or inefficient, outdated websites to find information. From how to reserve a conference room to learning who works with the private sector across the interagency, finding information across the government is bafflingly difficult.

Why is finding information or collaborating with others so much harder in government work than... more »