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Environmental Protection Agency

Slim federal websites - eliminate content easily found elsewhere

Significantly reduce the content on federal websites by eliminating content that can easily be found elsewhere. With so many other sources of basic information available today on the web, it seems unnecessary for us to duplicate it. (Think Wikipedia.) We should instead just post information that only we or only a few sources can provide. This is different from the current Campaign to Cut Waste which is identifying unnecessary... more »


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Executive Office of the President

Microsoft = Money

In today’s’ world everyone searches for data. Everyone has a laptop, not a desktop… an iphone, blackberry, or android phone, and everyone loves a simple conservative interface. Our dependency on Microsoft products offers no fiscal reward regarding cost, productivity, training, maintenance and growth.
The data our federal government warehouses in contracted networks is ridiculously hard to navigate. I spend more time... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

Too Much Information Not Enough Communication

As government employees we receive hordes of information via e-mail from our own agencies that do not pertain to each and every member of the agency. I propose that we cut out extraneous information that is sent to everyone in a certain or specific email directory/organization. If the correspondence is for information only, at least allow us the opportunity to ‘unsubscribe’ from some of these directories. All important... more »