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Department of Agriculture

Institute a parking fee for federal offices

Institute a parking fee at all federal buildings that currently have free parking for motor vehicles. Parking fees can be patterned after the US Forest Service trail pass fees, where each site would have a self-service permit system for a daily fee, along with a longer term permit fee for yearly use. Fees could be determined using the Forest Services current fee structure - $5 per day or (is it) $30 per year.

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Department of the Interior

Low Hanging Fruit

Turn focus on those areas that are tough to solve but return the most bang for the buck. A great deal of human resource energy and costs is spent attempting to cut costs, improve efficiencies and conserve energy. An example is the aount of effort given to reduce fuel expenditures of entire fleets of roadway vehicles while very little or nothing is done to reduce the enormous fuel & polution of helicopters. It is quantifiable... more »