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Department of Defense

Facility Managers - Recognize their full value

Throughout DOD, each facility in every installation has a person assigned as the facility manager/custodian. They have a host of duties that take from 25 - 100% of their time, yet this is almost always treated as an "extra duty as assigned." It is so much more than that. At my AF installation, we have 550 persons in the Civil Engineer office, supported by 400 facility managers. Yet with all this level of support,... more »


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Executive Office of the President

Microsoft = Money

In today’s’ world everyone searches for data. Everyone has a laptop, not a desktop… an iphone, blackberry, or android phone, and everyone loves a simple conservative interface. Our dependency on Microsoft products offers no fiscal reward regarding cost, productivity, training, maintenance and growth.
The data our federal government warehouses in contracted networks is ridiculously hard to navigate. I spend more time... more »